Director/Producer of Short Film and Music

Website Owner/Manager
        Retro Video Game Review and Editorial Source

Outdoor Photographer – Sportography

        Worked with children and parents, coordinated with sales department, managed events
	2010 // Present

Freelance Photographer

	Arunah Hill Natural Science Center and other non-profits
	Landscape, Portrait, Urban, HDR and Panorama work
	2007 // Present

Freelance Graphic Designer

	Print Operator/Designer
	Rebel Press of New Fairfield
	2001 // 2005

Website Production / Designer
	(In development)

Production & Technical Manager – WCSU Coffeehouse

	Managed events, lighting, sound systems, week to week operations, Open- Mic production, advertising
	2005 // 2008

Store Manager – MTJ Gamers Play N Trade

	Day to day operations, finances, sales, advertising
	production, franchise image operations
	2008 // Present

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