Welcome to 2012!

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Ah, a fresh start and a new year! Time to make new friends, and to get in trouble with old ones!

I wish to start out this new year with a new resolution for 2012.  I feel like my photo taking (and uploading to this site) has been severely lacking for various reasons.  Because of this, I would like to try and take and upload at least one photo a day, for the 366 days we have this leap year.  This is a personal project that I hope you enjoy and share with friends, and will hopefully be an insight into me and my life as it changes over the next year.  Some photos may be grainy and of low light, or high intensity and full of color which may or may not reflect my mood and state of being on that particular day.  I may also warn you that due to unforeseen circumstances, some posts may be a day or two late.  Who knows if I may be without power or computer access for a week or several like this past year.  Whatever the reason, I will have as many photos to upload the next day actually taken on the days missed (I won’t cheat!)

So here it is, photo of Day 1!

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