Days 6, 7 & 8!

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What an interesting and busy weekend it has been.

 Worked at a small shop, the view from an empty and closed up store. We were very productive, more so than usual.  Barred windows can help people stay in, or keep people out depending on its application.

My friends invited me over after work Saturday to have some fun playing games and being silly people, but I had a terrible headache and headed home instead.  After resting my head, I felt better and decided to start the night.  My destination was a good 45 minutes away, and not being there in a while made my route confidence sink, so I input the address into my android and went off.  It was a quite ride down the highway, turned off onto a windy road when I though to myself “It’s unseasonably warm, I bet there might be deer out”. Soon enough, a doe bound across the road from behind a tree, raising my alertness.

I pulled came to another main road on the leg end of my journey, and proceeded to turn left.  While checking traffic, I looked right and saw displaced lights on the left side of the road and smoke and steam reflecting from the red of the tail lights.  I quickly pulled over and jumped out to assess the situation.  I ran up and it became clear; shattered strewn bits of metal and plastic littered the road as I approached the scene of the accident.  A man was already there, looking in the passenger side window.  Instinct kicked in, I yelled over “Is everything alright?”  He quickly replied, “No, there is a guy in there trapped, unresponsive.”

“Have you already called 9-1-1 or shall I?”  “I’m an EMT and my buddy in my car is calling right now,” he replied.  I went over to the driver side, pinned against the guard rail.  I look inside the window and saw an older man slumped over the passenger side, dashboard lights beaming on his face… blood streaming out of his nose.  The radio played a commercial and I looked further, no way to get in from this side.  I went around the other side where the man was trying to pry open the passenger door with no luck.  The top part was ajar while the bottom was crumpled in.  He stopped after a couple tries, and I went in from the rear angle, sticking my arm in carefully searching for the door handle. My hands slid around until i found it and pulled, the handle went loose and the plastic housing fell off into my hands.  I then tried to pry the door open myself with no luck.  The other guy then came back and reach his arm in and was able to find the window switch, lowering the window half way down.  At this point, the man was coming to and slowly looking around.  The man started asking the injured driver questions, like what is your name and can you please turn the car off.  His questions were met with dumbfounded glances around.

I spoke up saying “He’s probably disoriented as hell and trying to get his bearings, he probably doesn’t know where he’s at”  With that, he started telling the driver “Sir, you were just involved in a car accident, what is your name?”  With this, I rubbed my fingers together in the cold night and looked down at them.  I was covered in white paint.  I looked inside and saw that a full array of paint and painting supplies were strewn about, covering the interior and dashboard with a white glaze.  The driver spoke up with his name, saying no more.

In a flash, firetrucks, ambulances and police cars carrying half the town’s emergency response arrived at the scene.  We backed away from the truck describing I came upon the scene.  They thanked me for stopping as I was told to wait a safe distance away.

My hands were dried with white paint by that time, so I took out my phone, snapped a quick picture and responded to a text.  I looked on as they carefully hoisted the driver out on a stretcher.  An officer came over and told me nothing more is needed and I’m free to go.

I arrived at my friends house with a room full of people in conversation.  I walked in, carrying two six packs and said “Sorry I’m late, brought some suds.”  The room went silent as they saw my shirt laced with white paint, hands and forearms covered.

My friends are the best.

I know I probably won’t hear of it again, but I hope that the driver is safe and came out on top.  It’ll definitely be on my mind for a long while to come.

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