Days 2 and 3

The days are short and growing colder with each passing hour as I venture into the early days of 2012.  The only thing to keep me guided through the dead cold of January are the warmth of the friends and family I hold dear, and the light of the stars gazing in through my window on the brisk clear nights.  Tonight, it is expected to get down to 2 degrees Fahrenheit, a first in this season so far containing unusually warm weather.

 A couple phone shots of my new car, well new to me anyways.  I can tell that we will be sharing many adventures yet to pass in the years ahead.

 This is a raw Panorama I took of the office room being patches up.  Three pictures stitched together with some manual tweaking and aligning.  It’s pretty funny how panos appear before I decide how I want to crop them.  It kind of puts it in perspective, quite literally.

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